Mixing Traditional -Antiques and Modern Furniture Styles Antiques furniture


Mixing Traditional -Antiques and Modern Furniture Styles

Antiques furniture is the latest home decorating trend. However, before you start browsing for antique furniture online or visit antique shops, make sure you like living in a home that takes you back in time. Like I mentioned before, there are some major benefits of decorating with antiques.

Eco-Friendly – This is may be the best reason of using antiques to decorate your home. Restoring old furniture would be the best way to save forests from uncontrolled cutting of trees. Instead of throwing out an old table, you can refurbish it. Almost all antique shops can restore old furniture pieces into high quality antiques furniture with impeccable and eye-catching design. Therefore, antiques are Eco-friendly for our environment since those are old pieces turned new. Buying antiques furniture helps preserve valuable forest resources.

Timeless Quality – If the antiques furniture you inherited did not fit into your modern home style few years ago, now it’s the time to wipe the dust off those timeless quality pieces and mix them with your modern style furniture. There is no modern-style furniture that can match or replace the beauty of antiques. Antiques equal timeless quality.

Golden Oldies Give Your House The Elegant Look – One of the reason to decorate your home with antique pieces is the fact that these golden oldies never go out of fashion. Bring the glamour and elegance in your home and give your room rich and traditional look aristocrats enjoyed in the past. Nowadays people tend to mix antiques furniture with some modern pieces in order to create a tasteful and trendy look designers recommend.

Decorate your space with antiques with most timeless appeal

The placement of old items is one of the most critical aspects of decorating with antiques. There are a few potential directions when placing antiques. One option is to make an antique the focal point.

Another way to decorate with antiques is to go for a deliberately rustic piece. You might also find some rustic shelving to house antiques and combine them with distressed furniture. It’s also possible to arrange some of your old items into a shadowbox, which can then be placed on a table or on the wall. A Shadowbox contains all of your antiques that tells your special memories and stories into one intentional vintage display, can fit in with any room design.

Creating a Look That Works
Well and Reflects Your Taste

Creating a space
means being surrounded by things that you love. The idea of how to successfully
bring the old with the new styles together harmoniously is a common one.
While some people prefer to decorate their home in a particular style, mixing
different looks is a wonderful way to create a unique space and show your
individual style. It adds a bit of excitement and create the tension that will
energize the whole space.

Before getting
started, it’s a good idea to know what you’re trying to achieve.

Tips for Mixing Old and New Design Elements

Once you’ve selected a theme around which to select your items, you’re ready to start exploring specific options. As you look through catalogs, websites, showrooms, and antique galleries, keep these tips in mind for mixing old and new:

  • Put a modern bench under an ornate console or desk.
  • An ornate mirror looks great in an ultra modern room.
  • A modern Lucite or glass dining table surrounded by Lucite chairs is stunning when paired with an ornate crystal chandelier and antique silver mirror.
  • A rustic dining table paired with modern aluminum chairs creates terrific contrast.
  • Cover an old chair in a modern fabric.
  • A piece of modern art in a room filled with antiques creates a pop.
  • Put modern lamps on an antique sofa table, or vice versa, using lanterns on a modern table.
  • A fireplace mantel in a modern room become a focal point if there’s a single, ornate, antique like antique vase placed on it.
  • A modern light fixture hanging in a room full of rustic antiques is a powerful statement. Likewise, an ornate fixture or lanterns in a modern room stands out and adds character.
  • In a reading nook pair an antique chair with a modern side table.
  • Hanging old photos on the wall or placing them on a shelf. Antiques with a timeless cultural feel to them, like oriental ceramics or Victorian teacups, are best served in a modern-looking curio so that they are on display in an updated way.
  • Mixing neutral dinnerware and with vintage salad plate can give authentic layering effect.












Although there are rules of scale, balance and proportion in
decorating, you should never sacrifice using items you love in order to follow
the rules. Your home needs to look good to you, and if you truly love a piece,
then there’s a place in your home for it.




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