Khan Al Khalili – The Best Place for Your Unforgettable Journey and Antiques

This is the most interesting, fabulous neighborhood and famous market in Cairo Islamic area, where the narrow streets and shops next to each other that gives the visitors an excellent opportunity to get the best goods and the best price. The prices there are distinct and better than many other areas in Cairo.

As well as it is one of the most popular markets in the world. It is located in Al Hussein neighborhood, one of Cairo’s neighborhoods next to the Imam Hussein Mosque and located in a street parallel to the street Moez Ladin Allah Fatimi.

Khan Al Khalili was located in the center of the old city above the graves of the Fatimid Caliphs, but Al Khalili ordered to move these graves to another place and establish a large market there.

Khan Al Khalili is one of the most attractive tourist areas for visitors to Egypt and Cairo and also attracts many tourists. It occupies a great position as it was a source of inspiration for many Egyptian writers including the great writer Naguib Mahfouz, where he wrote a novel named Khan Al Khalili.

The goods are distinct there and you can buy a lot of things like: spices, jewelry, carpets, papyrus, statues of marble and antique souvenirs. Everything you might expect you will find.

The best part of the place is that it provide visitors a real opportunity to enjoy and see how the markets were before.

In this article I will take you to a tour to Khan Al Khalili Market, I hope you will enjoy.

Information and tips for an unforgettable experience at Khan Al Khalili

First: Do not miss the opportunity to travel to see the Islamic monuments. The people of the region are characterized by love and affection. I assure you it will be an unforgettable experience!

Second: Do not forget to take a cup of coffee on one of the existing cafes, especially Cafe Alfishwa or any drink of traditional Egyptian drinks like the ring or hibiscus.

Third: I recommend you to give yourself a chance to walk on those narrow streets to get the most pleasure. This place does not need any evidence or anything else. Just enjoy that strange maze.

Fourth: Make sure to not miss shopping for Antiques and what they call Arabisc. You will really find amazing pieces of handcraft furniture and souvenirs.

Fishawi Cafee

Why Khan Al- Khalili is different ?

Khan Al Khalili market is distinguished by its authentic Islamic architecture, wooden ceilings, and alleys paved with black basalt stones, which are intertwined with each other. The most important features of the vaults, which include many rare antiques, are among the best places to buy souvenirs.

Khan Al Khalili Shops

At Khan Al Khalili Market you can find many shops and bazaars in the Khan Al- Khalili market. There are many silver shops that contain the finest silver objects, accessories shops, clothing shops and shops selling Harmonic artifacts. At Khan Al Khalili Market you can find shops selling imported incense and natural herbs. As well as, Khan Al- Khalili market, is a place dedicated to the sale of leather and historical goods such as swords, belts and daggers.

If you are looking for special traditional crafts and copper, then Khan El Khalili market is your best destination. It’s also famous for gold and silver works that fascinate the eye. You can find also variety of Craftsmen master crafts such as carpets, crystal, papyrus, leather goods, handicrafts, garments, embroidered fabrics, lanterns, glass and metal sculptures and various stones. Arabic Shisha is one of the most popular products used by Arabs.

Khan Al- Khalili from inside

When you enter Khan Al Khalili market and start your journey, you will be amazed at the heritage buildings with their brass facades mixed with wood and the style that was so prevalent in Mamluk Cairo. The balconies of the buildings indicates the simplicity and generosity of the Egyptians. The famous historian Al-Maqrizi said in his book, it is a large square surrounds the courtyard of the bottom layer with shops and the upper layer of houses and stores.

Khan Al- Khalili market is different from any other market in Cairo and it attracts large numbers of tourists.


Khan Al Khalili Perfumes

If you are fond of Perfumes (like me:),then you can find lots of amazing ones there as Khan Al Khalili market is distinguished and famous for many things, including perfumes. When you enter Khan Al Khalili you will get beautiful smells from Al Mouski Street. It is famous for the European, Arab and Asian perfume trade. One of the traders said that these perfumes are natural without the addition of any alcohol. One of them is extracted from the males of the deer and is called Al-Musk. Another one is derived from a type of whale called amber whales.

Khan Al Khalili market is one of the most wonderful places to visit where you feel a sense of spirituality and you will be amazed by the authentic heritage. Don’t forget to pick up some antiques souvenirs for your loved ones.

Have you visited Khan Al Khalili before? If yes, leave a comment about your visit, and if not yet, let’s go!

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