How adding beauty influence positive energy, passion and joy to


How adding beauty influence positive energy, passion and joy to a house- tips to use antique vases, colors, light and plants

Does your home feel stale, uninspiring? If you’ve been in a rut of any kind, we’re here to share one way to bring beauty and positive energy into your home.

When we talk about beauty, we seek meaning that touches the passions of the heart and represents the passion of many people.

We cannot imagine a happy life without tasting beauty in everything around us.

Beauty is here in the air, in the sun, in the voice, in the nature, in a child’s smile, in the day and night, in your home decor and in everything, so, any being can find beauty and abundance. Beauty is subject to the Law of Attraction, so your thoughts can make things beautiful, or turn them into the opposite. Your thoughts will become reality, so you have to pay attention. In addition to this, beauty passes through the gate of emotions. You can only see beautiful things if you feel happy, and on the contrary, you will look only for negativity if your feelings are of sadness and despair.

One of the most effective source of beauty is your home and how you decorate it with pieces of plants, flowers and antiques to lend the sense of beauty and glamour to your home or your office.

In this article I will take you to the world of glamour and beauty by decorating with vases that can add elegance and charm to your space so that you can modify the idea of your beauty and make it flow through you and everywhere around you. Thus, your world becomes glamorous and beautiful in every sense of the word.

How to Bring Life and Beauty to A Room Using Vases And Antique Pieces

Decorating with vases can add elegance and charm to a room if there is enough space to place them. Vases can fill large empty spaces or corners in a decorative manner that adds life and beauty to the space.

They also draw attention to other items in the room, such as furniture or paintings. Vases can be filled with dried flowers that hold sentimental value or ones that complement the vase.

Vases boosts the beauty of flowers and leave amazing and memorable impression to people who admire them. Decorative vases provide elegance that adds style and grace to your home. Vases come in various materials and craftsmanship.

Vases can be decorated just as they are on their own, or one can fill the vase with dried grass or branches, then add dried flowers. The flowers should be proportionate to the size of the vase.

If you are a fan of fresh flowers, or just like adding decorative touches to your home, then a nice antique vase can be the way to go. Vases come in all shapes, sizes and colors, and can match almost any motif. Learn a little about the different types of vases so you can add your own personal touch to your home.


Crystal vases are usually cut with a beautiful design in them and can really sparkle when put in an area of sunlight in the home. They are typically filled with long-stem roses or other elegant flowers.


Clay Vases can be found in tall, short, thin or wide styles and in a variety of colors. If you find a clay vase you love, you can even paint over it with acrylic latex paint and add your own personal flair to the vase.


Metal vases are a bit more intricate and expensive, and have more of an antique look to them. Metal vases may have some sort of detailed design engraved on them in gold or silver. You can find these at antique stores, estate sales or at some décor stores. They have an added advantage in that they are less prone to breaking should an accident occur.

It is also very important to determine where in the room a vase would add to the decor. There are two types of vases; floor vase and table vase. For example floor vases can decorate empty corners, hallways, verandas, floor space next to a wall unit or near a staircase. A table vase of course is always placed on a table.

Also, when choosing a vase, always keep in mind choosing a vase that complements your room’s decor and color scheme.

Decorating with vases puts life into your home; your visitors will love them- and with little effort your home decor and ambiance will change for the most beautiful and energetic.

adding beauty and passion using vases

Tips for more beauty and passion!

As the place you wake up in and go to sleep every night, your home should be an environment of productivity, beauty and joy. Above all, it should be a reflection of you, and place you enjoy being in. I will show you some additional tips that can enhance the beauty in your home and make it more joyful full of positive energy and passion.


A home flooded with natural light is inviting and happy. Large windows and skylights are a helpful advantage, you can place your crystal vase on front of the window. Large wall mirrors (maybe antique ones) can also bounce light to dim-lit areas and enlarge a room’s perceived size.


Indoor plants can breathe life and beauty into the home and instantly refresh a space.

As well as helping to refresh indoor air, potted plants are a beautiful way to fill out empty spaces.

Be experimental with your styling. Antique ceramic vases or hanging planters can breathe life into even to your home entrance and its too welcoming and pleasing.

beauty of antique vases


Candles are an easy way to create a welcoming atmosphere, not only for your guests, but for your own pleasure, too. They are great source of beauty as well.

You can mix different candle scents throughout the house.


Incorporating finishes with sentimental value will make your home a place of positive energy. Family photographs, coffee table books, and antique vases can bring back certain memories and infuse a sense of comfort, happiness and beauty in your home.

In addition, Antique vases can be used as sophisticated focal points in minimalist-style rooms. It’s important to be happy in your home, so choose art and antique pieces that you love .


Color can transform a room’s energy and give it beauty & character.

Color – when used wisely – has the power to manipulate the entire mood of your home. Whether it means repainting your walls or changing your quilt cover, a fresh palette can instantly enhance your home’s happiness.

Be beautiful, feel the beauty, so that you see a beautiful universe.

Try any of above options that resonate with you and leave your experience in the comment below, have a lot of beauty, peace, love, joy and passion!

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