French Country Furniture and decor- the Charming of Elegance, Authenticity

French Country Furniture and decor- the Charming of Elegance, Authenticity and Antiques and Comfort- design decorating styles and tips

The secret to mastering the art of French Country design is being able to achieve balance between elegance, practicality and authenticity.

There aren’t many interior design styles which are as broadly appealing as French country decor. Inspired by the centuries-old farmhouses of rural France, this aesthetic can incorporate both new objects and antique or vintage items.

French Country style is the combination of elegance, comfort and authenticity. Serene Colors and modest fabrics are the foundation for this home atmosphere. Simple decor and antique furniture give this rustic style a refined air, as botanical elements grace walls and tabletops. Natural light nicely radiated through linen curtains while aged wooden furniture offers restful places to sit and relax. Charming decor pieces are kept sparse, keeping the look calm and lived-in.

Fresh cut flowers and bright green leafy houseplants such as ferns are often focal points of a room and bring in a touch of color and natural beauty.

You may notice that French country decor shares many elements with coastal, industrial, Victorian, and shabby chic decor. This makes it easy to adapt the style to your local geographic design décor style. And whether you live in a modern loft, an old Victorian farmhouse, or a suburban home, the comfortable homey feel of French country decor is sure to make guests and family feel welcome.

Below I will show you the charm and warmth of a French country décor through examples to use in your own taste and choice.

Color Palette

What I like most about French Country décor is color palette which draws inspiration from the natural landscape. Soft ecru and dove Grey define walls, floors, seat cushions, and wood finishes. Earthy hues like grass green, lavender, summer yellow, soft blue, and pink breathe life into your French Country theme. These colors are used to keep the overall appeal of the space graceful and elegant. Allow varying texture like ruffled pillows, or faux fur rugs to break up the neutral scheme.

French Country Elements

Linen Fabrics

Linen fabrics lend a light and airy texture to a French Country home. Whether framing windows or draping furniture, linen textiles infuse the space with informal elegance and beauty. Look for linen accents like throw pillows, upholstered furniture, and window treatments to add a fresh touch to your French Country style.

Botanical Elements- Plants

Characteristic of a French Country cottage are botanical details –plants that merge indoor and outdoor spaces. Vintage floral art prints, potted plants, and silk flowers infuse organic beauty into this classic look. Get creative with antique vases, birdcages, and ceramic antiques containers for beautiful floral arrangements.

Sweet Teapot Planter Cloche

This inspirational and decorative centerpiece is an exciting conversational, especially when you can almost hear the sound of a well-tuned Carillon bell singing sweetly in the background.

White Ceramic Crock Flower
Vase & Antique Mirrors

Old ceramic kitchen crocks can be covered, repainted, or even tinted and lined with tissue paper in order to create a unique vase for fresh or silk flowers.

Antiqued Mirror add a classic touch of beauty and elegance anywhere they land. Rustic rounded mirror and antique vases can be placed in a bedroom, in a guest or reading room, in a home office and in home entrance.

Painted and Antiqued Elegant
Ar moire

Armories have never truly gone out of style, but now you can turn the older models found in antique stores into meaningful white-washed and aged restorations that brings back warm and happy memories, and provides store place that is useful in any room in your home.

White Violas Planted in
Antique Ceramic Dish

There hasn’t been a time in known history when ceramic has not added a sense of completion to a room or open area, especially when ceramic pots are filled with warm herbs, tiny viola plants and marbles.

French Country Home Style

French Country Living Room

french country living roon

A French Country living room reflects tradition in its elegant antique-style furniture. Decadent crown molding and scrolling details command attention while distressed furniture and decor create a space with a storied look. Metal pieces like pewter, iron, and rubbed bronze enhance the authenticity of the room. Whether housing a potted plant or your favorite decorative accessories, a vintage birdcage offers the allure of a springtime garden.

Look for decorative accents like metal birdcages and colored antique glass vases to enhance this design. As mentioned before, Natural light plays an important role in a relaxed French Country home. Use sheer or light fabrics on windows to softly filter sunlight.

Coffee Table

Keep your living room warm and inviting with a classic French Country coffee table. Look for a table with a sturdy wooden construction and whitewashed finish. A plush tufted cushion top offers comfortable place to rest.

French Country Dining Room

A French Country dining room reflects the comforts of country living as a gathering spot for family meals and entertaining.

Shapely dining chairs frame a strong wooden farmhouse table that boasts an antiqued finish from years of shared meals and moments. Simply decorated, a French farmhouse dining room embraces function by using empty spaces to display useful items like glassware and table linens. Add a floral art print to your walls to breathe life to your best times.

French Country Dining Room Essentials


Every detail is important when creating an authentic French provincial look. A beautiful chandelier is the perfect way to capture the essence of the design. Look for a farmhouse-style chandelier with rustic metal or wood details in a muted, neutral finish.

Dining Table

An inviting, rustic French Country dining table boasts a sturdy construction and a shapely frame. Look for a farmhouse table with saber- or cabriole-shaped legs to achieve this upscale country look.

French Country Bedroom

The gentle hues, luxurious bedding, and homey details of a French Country bedroom engage the senses and invite relaxation. Designed as if accumulated over time, French provincial bedroom decor embraces simple accents, sturdy fabrics, and practical elements that keep the look refreshed. Layers of plush bedding and a deeply tufted fabric headboard create a comfortable sleeping space. Nature-inspired artwork breathes life and beauty into the room, as sheer window curtains allow soft sunlight to pass in. Enhance the space with useful pieces like an arm chair, storage bench, glassy sheers and an electric candle stand, Mirrors and antique vases.

French Country Bedroom Essentials


Opt for subtle curves or scrolling details to recreate the look of this classic style. Headboards with tufted upholstery and neutral palettes add comfort and simplicity to the space.


Nothing brings deep restful sleep more than sinking into luxurious bedding. Calming hues and soft fabrics makes French Country bedding a dream to sleep in. Look for clean sheets, a plush down comforter or linen duvet cover.


Practicality is the taste of French Country decor. A versatile storage bench offers a sturdy place to sit while you’re dressing and a fashionable storage space for extra bed linens and pillows.

French Country bedroom

French Country Kitchen with Butcher-block Island

The butcher block island is a stylish centerpiece for this sparkling open cabinet and shelf space. Along with the apron skirt sink, over-sized storage drawers with easy-pull handles, double uncovered windows, in addition to Shelves made of aged dark wood and metal hinges and scroll brackets, this bright kitchen is a very inviting place to get into the spirit of cooking.

Springtime French Country-Inspired Foyer Display

Bring back Grandma’s sense of style with this country-inspired foyer display cabinet. Whether you decide on a basket of fresh roses or a bucket of fresh baking apples, indoors and outdoors will be harmonized in this space.

French Country kitchen

French Country Bathroom or Linen Closet Display

Bathroom and linen closet shelves can be a charming place to let the exotic beauty of place-holding in a personal space or room be a singular story all by itself.

Combining the perfect balance of beauty, comfort and authenticity, French country style easily fits into elegant homes and country houses alike. Try out antique vintage furniture, the soothing hues and soft patterns, and the noteworthy accents to bring this fabulous warm and welcoming decorating style into your home.

In short, French country design ideas can be incorporated into just about any style of home thanks to their appeal and beauty.

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